Direct NIC assignment to VM using drivers other than VFIO

Hello everyone,

Currently, I am using NVIDIA Jetson NX, I have virtualized it and running Vanilla VM on top of it.
I am trying to assign host NIC directly to Guest VM unfortunately NIC in Jetson is not a PCI device, I have no idea how to do the direct assignment without VFIO(VFIO supports only PCI direct assignment). It would be really helpful if anyone could give your insights.
Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Sorry that we don’t have experience on this use case, may other developers provide suggestions if they have any ideas.

Hello everyone,
I guess I got answers for my question.

  1. VFIO passthrough could be possible with VFIO platform driver but devices generally require device specific support in the kernel for things like device reset. No support for any RTL devices, so unless someone is interested in developing and contributing such support, it may not be possible to assign it to a VM with vfio

  2. vfio-platform/QEMU in their current state wouldn’t be able to handle the embedded PHY device.

So unless you have PCI NIC, don’t even think about NIC passthrough with VFIO or UIO drivers

Nice! Thanks for your sharing to community!