DirectGMA support?

Does Mellanox support DirectGMA?

DirectGMA is AMD’s PCIe peer-to-peer mechanism which is similar to Nvidia’s GPUDirect.

The one reference I could find was in a Mellanox slide presentation by Todd Wilde entitled "Paving The Road to Exascale Computing ":

“AMD DirectGMA P2P: Peer-to-Peer GPU-to-HCA data path under development”

Otherwise there is seemingly no mention of DirectGMA support.

Excellent suggestion, thank you. That does indeed look like the way to go.

I’m not a big expert on this, but I know the way to go today is to work with the ROCm driver, which supports Peer to Peer GPU VIA RDMA and has a peer plugin.

It’s not exactly DirectGMA (which never worked well beyond SD-I/O functionality).

See more details in - ROCm, a New Era in GPU Computing , and

Hope it helps.