Directly subscribe to pose updates and specify two pointclouds to match

Dear Nvidia,

I would like to know if it is possible to directly subscribe to the dx, dy, dz topics directly from the hgmm module and run codelets based on a message tick.


or something like that.
Your hgmm library does not specify any outputs, yet your nvidia Insight is able to plot it.

I would like to have direct access to the dx/dy/dz values, sequentially, chronologically. Is this possible?

another question is: Would it be possible to supply two specific pointclouds to the hgmm module?
I have a reference pointcloud and a live pointcloud. Right now it is not possible to give the hgmm module the reference as a baseline to compare all future pointclouds to.

The only way right now is to give the hgmm module the reference cloud on every other message.