Directory structure info of L4T

Hi, I’m new to Jetson board and having difficulty setting it up.
I found performance control of TX1 here.
and mostly about tk1 but from here.

Then I realized directory structure has changed like,




and none of the following code exists in the same place anymore.

cat /sys/kernel/debug/clock/gpu_dvfs_t
cat /sys/kernel/debug/clock/dvfs_table
cat /sys/kernel/debug/clock/gbus/max

I can search the files and fix codes,
but now I want to know what is where - to be able to fully control the device.
Is there any document/material explaining the directory structure of L4T?

It is important to know that all files in “/sys” are not really files…those files are actually the result of a driver’s code pretending to be a file, and thus “/sys” will change depending on the kernel’s version and current configuration. Adding or removing kernel features (or attach/detach of hardware depending on a feature) may change what is there, how it is named, how it is arranged, so on. Older 3.x kernels from earlier releases will be quite different from 4.x kernels. Kernels built for alternate carrier boards or a desktop PC would also differ in one or more ways.

For the TX1 and TX2 you will find the “” script. This script should be correct for the L4T release (Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers) version. This is human readable and a good place to start. Check:

sudo ~ubuntu/ --help
sudo ~ubuntu/ --show

If you want to experiment you might first run “sudo ~ubuntu/ --store /some/file/to/save”, experiment, then “sudo ~ubuntu/ --restore /some/file/to/save” when done and looking to go back to default behavior.