Directx 11.1 feature specifict support: larger number of UAVs.

Does any card of series 600 support in specific this feature of directx 11.1:

LARGER NUMBER OF UAVs. Directx 11 only support 8, directx 11.1 support 64, I’m asking because it is only partial support for directx 11.1 on envidia cards.

it is set that:
On future GeForce 600 series boxes, you will see support listed like this: Microsoft DirectX 11.1 API (feature level 11_0).

It is important to remark here that "feature level 11_0" is not the same
that "feature level 11_1" if we take a look in the following table:

there is set that for feature level 11_0 there are only 8 UAV slots
available, nevertheless in the first link where are mentioned the features that nvidia does not support from directx 11.1 is set as well that:

Fermi and Kepler GPUs do not support two of these features:

UAVOnlyRenderingForcedSampleCount supports 16x raster coverage
TIR - aliased color-only rendering with up to 16x raster coverage sampling

So, In short, these features listed and not supported by nvidia 600 series
doesn’t imply that I can’t use 64 UAVs but the note about support only for
feature level 11_0 actually does if we look at the msdn documentation about
feature levels.

so my question still is if I can take advantage of 64 intead of 8 UAVs.

thanks in advance again.

specific feature required:

Hey there,
I’ve quite the same question:
I need a 11.1 feature (UAVs at every stage) that is not yet supported by nvidia cards. Sad thing about this is that the same feature is available in OpenGL 4.3 (runs on nvidia cards!?). So i think it’s just a driver issue, isn’t it? Are there any hacks?

I don’t want to buy an AMD card!!