Disable boot logo for Orin

For Xavier there was the option to disable the boot logo using the “bootloader-status = disabled”

Is there an equivalent for the t234 platform available which does not involve compiling the UEFI yourself?

Hi seeky15,

What’s the release you used for Xavier and t234 platform respectively?

Do you mean that you do not want to re-build the UEFI to remove the boot-logo?


we use L4T 35.4.1.

Yup, it would be better if it was possible without rebuilding the UEFI. The last time I was advised to rebuild the UEFI it caused a lot of bugs which where so severe, that we had to use the default UEFI.

For xavier this works by setting the display to disabled during bootloader phase, for orin the directive seems to be missing in the device tree files, was it replaced by something else=

Orin display driver and Xavier display driver are totally different.

What you learned on Xaiver will not work for Orin.

Hey @WayneWWW I already realized that.
But is there a solution for Orin without recompiling the UEFI?

When I compiled UEFI myself the last time, the rootfs A/B switching did not work properly anymore, even though I did not make any changes.

No, there is no solution without building UEFI.