Disable default light source attached to the camera

I am trying to disable the default light source attached to the camera. This light source causes illumination on the object’s surface that I would like to avoid. One can see the illumination on the table. How to disable the light source that is causing this illumination? Unfortunately, I am unable to find anything related to it in the documentation.


We discussed a similar thing here:

There is a function: set_light_parameters


  • param1 ( Sim ) – Simulation Handle.
  • param2 ( int ) – index to the light to be changed.
  • param3 ( isaacgym.gymapi.Vec3 ) – intensity intensity of the light focus in the range [0,1] per channel, in RGB.
  • param4 ( isaacgym.gymapi.Vec3 ) – ambient intensity of the ambient light in the range [0,1] per channel, in RGB.
  • param5 ( isaacgym.gymapi.Vec3 ) – direction direction of the light focus

I did some tests but as I remember it only adds another light and doesn’t change the default lighting, you can try it and see how it works for you. By putting a bright light far from the robot you might be able to reduce the effect of the main light.

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Ya, I am aware of the set_light_parameters function but as you mentioned I can only add extra bright lights to offset the main light. I haven’t found any options to disable the default lighting yet.

I couldn’t find anything else related to the main lighting parameters, probably not possible and we have to wait for the next release.