Disable eMMC?


Is it possible to disable or permanently write-protect the on-board eMMC?
I’d like to configure my system to boot from an SD card (which has a physical write-protect switch), and then permanently lock the on-board eMMC. Either that, or just rip out the eMMC, but I think that would prevent me from ever booting again.


No need to disable eMMC, you can refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/923800/boot-from-sd-card/

Trumany, thanks for the link, but I don’t think I was clear with my initial question.

I have a requirement to have a read-only system, with all writes physically disabled (not just through the OS, or by mounting the drive as read-only, etc).

An SD card provides me with half of the answer, with a physical write protect switch allowing me to update the OS when I need to, but keeping the system locked down otherwise.

But there’s no physical write-protect switch on the eMMC, so I’m looking for a way to permanently lock it down or disable it. Most modern eMMCs have a flag you can set to permanantly write-lock it, say over JTAG. I’m trying to see if anyone has tried that before with a Tx1, or even knows where to start.

Not know that anyone has tried it on TX1, anyway, removing eMMC chip could be the last choice…

Hi SH83, were you able to disable the eMMC on jetsonx1? I want to try it on jetson tx2