Disable kernel log during bootup

I have read some topics about turning off log display during kernel startup. Following the instructions inside, I have successfully turned off most of the log displays during UEFI and kernel startup. However, after burning the image, there will still be some log displays in the stage where I configure my username and password. After I finish configuring, I will no longer see these logs after restarting. I cannot find a similar method to close logs. Please guide me to close them. During the startup phase, I need to disable all log displays

Hi gupeng888,

It seems you want to disable the feature of frame buffer.
You could refer to the following thread for this.
How to close the terminal image when booting - #5 by KevinFFF

In fact, the above image is the result of changing console=tty0 to console=ttyTHS4. If you simply delete console=tty0, more logs will appear, as shown in the following image

Have you tried to remove CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE in kernel config?

After verification, this modification is valid, but I would like to know why

What do you mean about “why”?

That kernel config (CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE) is used to decide if the framebuffer should be enabled.

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