disable "New Thread" messages in gdb in emulation mode

when i run my program in emulation mode (compiled with cuda3.0 beta) from gdb i get these messages:
[New Thread 0x40c0c950 (LWP 24075)]
[New Thread 0x40944950 (LWP 24076)]
[New Thread 0x41be6950 (LWP 24077)]
[New Thread 0x40b3c950 (LWP 24078)]
[New Thread 0x41ab7950 (LWP 24079)]
[New Thread 0x41c27950 (LWP 24080)]
[New Thread 0x41c68950 (LWP 24081)]
[New Thread 0x41d25950 (LWP 24082)]
[New Thread 0x41e2f950 (LWP 24083)]
[New Thread 0x40439950 (LWP 24084)]
[New Thread 0x41e70950 (LWP 24085)]
[New Thread 0x40831950 (LWP 24086)]
[New Thread 0x41eb1950 (LWP 24087)]
[New Thread 0x40c4d950 (LWP 24088)]
[New Thread 0x41ef2950 (LWP 24089)]
[New Thread 0x40872950 (LWP 24090)]
[New Thread 0x41f33950 (LWP 24091)]
[New Thread 0x41f74950 (LWP 24092)]
[New Thread 0x404c0950 (LWP 24093)]
[New Thread 0x41fb5950 (LWP 24094)]
[New Thread 0x4204e950 (LWP 24095)]
[New Thread 0x4208f950 (LWP 24096)]
[New Thread 0x40501950 (LWP 24097)]

and they seem to be repeating forever and i can’t reach the code where the bug is located. Whether i compile with -g or not, the messages keep repeating. How do i disable this “New Thread” message ?

Thanks in advance.

i thought cuda was creating those, but it was gdb, here is how to disable:

(gdb) set print thread-events off

(gdb) run