Disable ROS extension by default


We are using ROS2, and it is quite annoying that every time we open isaac sim, we have to manually disable the ROS extension, in order to be able to enable the ROS2 extension. Autoload is not checked for the ROS extention, but it is still enabled on startup every single time.

Hi @omers

You can enable the omni.isaac.ros2_bridge extension by default by modifying the apps/omni.isaac.sim.base.kit file, line 481 as follow:

#linux only extensions
"omni.isaac.ros2_bridge" = {}

File location:

  • docker container: /isaac-sim/apps/omni.isaac.sim.base.kit
  • local workstation: ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.1.1/apps/omni.isaac.sim.base.kit

Thanks, it will be nice that for the next version of isaac sim, you could control the ROS extension auto loading via the GUI (like for other extensions)

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