Disable SSC for Jetpack 4.3

We are having issues running a PCIe device on a Auvidea JN30 Carrierboard.
How to disable the PCIe spread sprectum clock(SSC) for the Nano (Jetpack 4.3)?

Tried to derive the changes needed for disabling the SSC on the Nano from here :https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1066505/jetson-tx2/disable-spread-spectrum-in-tx2-r28-2-1/post/5402814/#5402814
Identified the “DTB=tegra210-p3448-0002-p3449-0000-b00.dtb” as the file to be decompiled.
However the generated dts file shows no “clocks {…” entries.
How to ?

It doesn’t look like BPMP firmware’s DTB rather the kernel DTB.
Please look for “clock {…” entry in the BPMP-FW DTB.

Looks like I am missing some context here. Can you guide me where to find the specific file/ how to edit it/compile it/ flash it?

Since this is for Jetson-Nano which is based on T210, you need to apply patches from What are best way for disable Jetson TX1 PCIe SSC ?
Choose patches based on the release you are using (i.e. R28.1 or R28.2)