Disabling auto shutdown on low capacity

I’m using Nvidia Jetson NX SOM, Jetpack 4.4.1 kernel 4.9.
I would like to disable the auto shutdown at low battery capacity.
it’s currently set to auto shutdown at 2%, was I need to change the setting?

I change the UPower.conf parameters but it doesn’t affect it at all, the Jetson is still powered down when the battery capacity reaches 2%.

Do you another option to disable the auto shutdown?

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Hi tomer5,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?

How do you know it is configured at 2%?

I verify It shut down the device at 2%, I success to change the UPower.conf “PrecentageLow=999” value but there was no change.
The “CriticalPowerAction=Nothing” also was set and the power was shut down automatically when the battery reached a capacity value of less than “1%” and the application operate auto shutdown.
I would like to reach the lower value of the electronic without auto shutdown.

It seems you are using the custom carrier board because we don’t have battery on the devkit.

Could you try to configure this as PrecentageLow=0 and check if it would still shutdown at 2%?

May I also know what’s your use case to do this?

We found a problem in our product battery calibration and we need to discharge it to the lowest voltage available by the hardware (~8.5V), currently, the % Capacity is not accurate, and the device automatically shuts down when the voltage is around 11V (with Battery false indication).

Since battery is not the default design on the devkit, we could not help to verify locally.

Do you know how the capacity % be calculated?
Read from any interface of the voltage?

It seems the auto shutdown work and it would be shutdown at 2%.
You may need to find the reason of the wrong capacity first.

Or you could try the following command to stop upower service.

$ systemctl stop upower

Thanks, Kevin,
This was helpful. the command kills the power service and allows us to discharge the battery with HW only.

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