Disabling "deinterlace thread" when using "nvv4l2decoder"

Hi NVIDIA Developer forum,
I would be interested in disabling the “deinterlace thread” which appears when decoding an interlaced H.264 bitstream using “nvv4l2decoder”. Could it be possible?

A few weeks ago I added a comment in an open topic related to this issue, but nobody answer:

I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

When decoding interlaced video stream, de-interlacing is performed and you will get decoded frames in progressive mode. It cannot be disabled.

thanks for your reply.
Are you (NVIDIA) considering to change it? I mean, coult it be possible keep this feature (de-interlacing) as an option for the user (enabling/disabling)?
If you are decoding an interlaced video stream, maybe you want to keep the intelaced nature of the decoded video sequence… Maybe… Interlaced video is still alive you know…

The current implementation is fine for general usecases and as of now we don’t have plan for the request.