Disabling MSI

In known issues page of nvidia, they say that:

“Problems have also been seen with suspend/resume while MSI is enabled. All known problems have been fixed, but if you observe problems with suspend/resume that you did not see with previous drivers, disabling MSI may help you.”

MSI means essage signaled interrupts.

How can i disable this on linux?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (152 KB)

Create /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf

and paste

options nvidia NVreg_EnableMSI=0

into it.

I have nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf instead, inside it i have

# This file was installed by nvidia-384
# Do not edit this file manually

blacklist nouveau
blacklist lbm-nouveau
blacklist nvidia-current
blacklist nvidia-173
blacklist nvidia-96
blacklist nvidia-current-updates
blacklist nvidia-173-updates
blacklist nvidia-96-updates
blacklist nvidia-384-updates
alias nvidia nvidia_384
alias nvidia-uvm nvidia_384_uvm
alias nvidia-modeset nvidia_384_modeset
alias nvidia-drm nvidia_384_drm
alias nouveau off
alias lbm-nouveau off

options nvidia_384_drm modeset=0
options nvidia_384 NVreg_RegisterForACPIEvents=0

should i put at the and with options nvidia_384 NVreg_EnableMSI=0

Create a new one. This one might disappear once you update your drivers.