Disabling Spanning tree breaks the network?

Hi Current Setup is that way :

2 x SX1012

Port 1-4 are configured as hybrid and connected to nutanix servers. Port 5 is a breakout cable still connected to nutanix servers and set to hybrid. (All are 10GB)

Port 9 is set to hybrid and connected to a backup server (10GB)

Port 10 is connected to a juniper switch over 40GB

Port 11-12 is connected to the other mellanox switch using LACP (2 56GB set to hybrid)

As per Nutanix recommendations, it is recommended to disable spanning tree. As soon as I do that the servers lose connections to themselves and crashes. What would be the cause?

I have attached the pictures from the Spanning tree config of both switches. Notice how one is different even though the settings are the same.

Hi David,

If you didn’t configure MLAG on the 2 Mellanox switches - you don’t need to disable STP.

Nutanix recommendation is related when MLAG is configured.

Understood! Is there any benefit of deploying mlag compared to lacp For the switch interconnection?