Discharge Circuit Necessary on Custom TX1 Carrier


I am designing a custom carrier card, and I know that there are discharge requirements on the carrier card voltage regulators to ensure that they are discharged before the TX1 is discharged according to the OEM PDG.

My question is this, what if I don’t have this discharge circuitry and the carrier board voltages are left on longer than the TX1 voltages. What is the danger? I have many regulators on my carrier card, so adding all of these discharge circuits adds quite a bit of real estate.


Discharge circuit is for power down sequence as you can see in OEM DG. It could cause system unstable if power down sequence is wrong. The IOs between module and carrier board needs this sequence, if your own regulators are not related to these IOs, no need to add discharge circuits for them. But the circuits in OEM DG are MUST.