Discover New CUDA 11.4 Features

Originally published at: Discover New CUDA 11.4 Features | NVIDIA Developer Blog

The new release consists of GPU-accelerated libraries, debugging and optimization tools, an updated C/C++ compiler, and a runtime library to build and deploy your application on major architectures.

I want to read CUDA Driver enhancement in GPUDirect RDMA.

But I cannot found description on Relase Notes.

Would you point the changes on CUDA Driver enhancement about GPUDirect RDMA?

With respect - what’s the deal with the silly post?

Discover New CUDA 11.4 Features

You go there, and it doesn’t tell you anything about those new features.

It says there are “enhancements to this” and “enhancements to that”. Woopdee-doo… doesn’t tell me anything.

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Hi Sakaia, please let me know if this helps address your question:


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UPDATE: Hi epk, hope you’re able to get more from the new CUDA 11.4 blog we just published: Discovering New Features in CUDA 11.4 | NVIDIA Developer Blog. There is also some great information on using Stream-ordered Memory Allocation APIs here: Using the NVIDIA CUDA Stream-Ordered Memory Allocator, Part 1 | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Hi EPK, yes, you’re right. Apologies that the CUDA 11.4 DevBlog with more details is delayed a little. I’ll be sure to provide you the link as soon as it goes live early next week.


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Thank you for your suggestion.

I found the changes.

That’s great to know. Thanks for your patience. :)

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what mean about " The driver also enables new MIG configurations for the recently launched NVIDIA A30 GPU to double the amount of memory per MIG slice",maybe one slice have 12G memory?but I don’t find this.

When will cuDNN 8.2.2 be released to go alongside CUDA 11.4?

I am also wondering if the accompanying libraries are released soon as well, like cuDNN and maybe TensorRT 8?

We are setting up some infrastructure right now, and would like to avoid duplicate work if new releases are coming next week or so.

Apologies for the delayed response, as I was trying to track down an answer to your question. Turns out, our policy is not to discuss future product releases. Please reach out to your sales representative or partner manager to see if you can get the information you need.

Great news! cuDNN 8.2.2 has just been released:

Good luck!

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Stay tuned for more information on TensorRT.

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