Discussion: which themes are good for research in

Discussion: which themes are good for research in Linux?

I want to do some study on CUDA in Linux. For example, embed system, program analysis method, software design of development platform for CUDA and so on.

But I don’t know how to start studying and the feasibility?

Whoever could give me some suggestions on any aspect that is not necessarily the above mentioned?

I will be very grateful!

Best regards. :rolleyes:

Sry if I got this wrong.

So you want to evaluate CUDA in general?

Or do you want to give an overview of the possibilities?

Perhaps you can tell the purpose ?

Some kind of thesis, or a evaluation for sales departement?

Sorry, maybe I can’t express my meanings clearly.
I just want to study, and I am an undergraduate.

I want to do some research on CUDA, but I have no idea which aspect of CUDA is good and feasible in Linux. So I raised the question and hoped to get some inspiration.

Last year, I implemented several image algorithms of image processing, such as histogram equalization, removing clouds , DCT and so on in Windows. So, now, I want to do some research in Linux.

All of CUDA is 100% supported in linux (except the DirectX stuff of course)

Indeed, and you have the same functionality with OpenGL interoperability.

The only aspect of NVidia hardware not supported in Linux is the VP (video processor) stuff but you can’t use that with CUDA anyway even in windows.