disk drive extension: finding

It was recently found that we can easily mount and use disk drive of a host or any linux computer to jetson via sshfs, which resolves an issue of no-space, and allows to address a remote disc drive as if represented locally.
However while yet it wont mount swap 8 gb at sshfs It soon will be resolved. Documentations mention the way to do that. I just need to figure out how to manage execution permissions for sshfs. As it seems to me.

reference: filesystems - Best way to mount remote folder - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Many remote file system types have issues with permissions since the disk owner and disk user may not have the same numeric UID and GID mappings. I have not used sshfs, but if you need a disk with high performance and you need to be able to mount it exactly like it is a local disk then you probably need iSCSI. The issue with iSCSI is that it truly must be mounted and used by only one system…unlike a shared file system two people can’t read it at the same time, it is simply a hard disk over ethernet and not a file system (failing to have the disk available during boot when the disk is specified as mandatory would be a problem). This is why there is no UID/GID translation issue on iSCSI…two systems do not own the data simultaneously.

I have been researching iSCSI, but sshfs use is as simple as:

sshfs user@example.com: sshfs/

That is it!
reference: Introduction | Ubuntu

I could not get iscsi to cooperate on the TX2. At all. NFS is also proving problematic. If this sshfs works, might be the easiest method. Don’t know the overhead required by any of the three methods.

nothing prevents sshfs from being functioning;
it works as long as ssh connection works