Displacement/Height map in Omniverse

I wanted to know that does Omniverse support a Displacement/Height map? If so can you please tell me how can I use it?

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I would also like to know more about this. Looking forward to the Omniverse team giving a response on this.

Hello @user126085 & @user12329334454! Support for Displacement Maps is highly requested (our art team wants this support as well!)

Our development team is currently working on support for displacement maps. While I do not see support for this on our Omniverse Public Roadmap just yet, you can check this roadmap for an update on what is soon to be released!

(for Reference Internal Ticket OM-8563)

Thanks a lot for the update!!!

hi~ I see that the “Omniverse Public Roadmap” has not been updated for a long time, does the displacement feature work now?

Hello, any news/updates about the use of displacement maps in omniverse?

Hello @user122584! The development team is still working on this feature. A lot of progress has been made, however, I do not have an ETA on when this will be ready. If you would like, I just created an UpVote board for feature requests in demand. You may vote for the Displacement / Height Map feature there!

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