Display battery voltage on Jetbot OLED

Newbie here. I got the Waveshare Jetbot kit.
I’m trying to get the battery voltage status to show on the display.
Right now on the PiOLED only displays 4 line: “eth0, wlan0, Mem, Disk

I looked into the ~/jetbot/jetbot/apps/stats.py and looks like it depends on ~/jetbot/jetbot/ina219.py for the battery sensor.

ina219.py runs ok and outputs the following:
PSU Voltage: 12.674 V
Shunt Voltage: 0.026490 V
Load Voltage: 12.648 V
Current: 0.264900 A

Don’t know how to further debug this.


Hi deepsilence,

Thanks for reaching out!

The original JetBot repository doesn’t contain code to show the battery voltage. This is likely enabled by the third party software, but perhaps there was an issue during installation.

Do you mind sharing the steps you took to install the JetBot software?