Display distortion - Tesla T4

Hi there -

Running Horizon View 7.13.1 desktops on Tesla T4 cards, on ESXi 7.0.3 (ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Plus v2 - AMD EPYC 7543 32-Core Processors). Win 10 20H2 guests. grid_t4-1b profiles for the VMs. NVidia 14.1 for VIB and guest drivers, in process on moving to 14.2

Users reporting display distortion - sometime a portion of the screen, sometime the whole screen. See attached screenshot.

Particularly seems to happen when the Tesla T4 card is using all 16 slots for the 1gb profile. Has anyone seen anything similar?

Occurring for users both in our office using iGel endpoints with Client 2203, and remotely using various client versions.


Should have added - often seems to affect all users on the same graphics card. Seeing it on multiple different hosts. Sometimes goes away on its own, other times had to move users to a different host.

Sounds like FB exhaust. Can you please check the FB usage for the users affected? You may need to switch to 2GB FB instead

hi @sschaber - thanks for the follow up - will give this a go and see if it helps for us.