Display driver stopped responding and has recovered


i am experiencing this problem with opencl…

When i set parameters that make the computational complexity higher for the kernels, the screen gets black for a while after a couple of seconds, then
i get the message in the title.
Afaik there was a similar problem with shaders , when they take too long to complete the computation.

does it happen something similar here?
is it fixable?


btw i am using opencl sdk 3.0beta and the 195.xx 3.0 driver that comes with the sdk on that page.

I think that the following thread might solve your problem.


Also remember that there’s no preemption on GPU. When a kernel execution starts, all other kernel (including graphical tasks) are delayed. If you want to run long kernel, you better have a dedicated GPU independant from the one doing display.

thanks for the answer, unfortunately i dont have any of the registry keys posted on that microsoft page.

I think i had those when i used some older drivers (like 183.x) and i tried to set the delay higher, but also at that time,

with glsl shaders, it didnt help… :(

One more thing: they argue whether a single kernel takes more than 2 seconds to execute, but in my case this never happens…

Perhaps the whole kernel set takes more than 2 seconds, but not a single kernel

Then you might have an error in your code. Writing out of bounds or something like that.

You are actually right. I found the bug in the code, now the computation takes several seconds but completes succesfully

hope this will help someone else too :)

thanks! :)