Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Hello I have been having this unusual issue upon start up. Basically after I enter my password the windows loading circle is turning then hangs and the screen goes black. This occurs about 2 seconds during the circle loading time after I pressed enter from password. Then the desktop appears and the message appears in Windows 7 x64 sp1 Display driver stopped responding and has recovered 347.88.

So far I have found this does not occur when running stock bios 3d clocks. It doesn’t even occur if the memory clock is set to 2050Mhz from 1800Mhz stock on stock core clocks.

However it does occur if I adjust the core shader domain to 1670Mhz basically 835Mhz. Again this is completely game stable at 835Mhz Core/ 2050Mhz Memory with zero driver crashes other than startup. I’m running high dollar thermal material on all components on this GTX480. It can even run fine and dandy at 850Mhz. However I have found 835Mhz/ 2050Mhz yields just over 40 Giga Pixel/s and 192.2GB/s which is epic.

So basically I was wondering if anyone knew how to log data that can pinpoint the exact cause of the driver crash. I know it’s not happy at start up with the core clock of 835Mhz. I’d like to know what exact specific reason it’s causing this crash when it’s entirely stable in every other aspect except start up?

Thank You,