Display Hyperpixel jetson nano through thonny

helloo i would like to know if it possible to controle a spi screen i would like to transfer data from a camera connected to jetson nano thougth pico board then spi screen hyperpixel

for the quality i would like to be hyperpixel but i can be other display i just really need a good resolution 2 inch display i already buyed the https://www.waveshare.com/1.28inch-lcd-module.htm cause they said it was compatible but it was not i talked with the support(they lied)

and if it possible to get better performance using some sort of programmation or docker??

I don’t have answer for SPI display, but you may find some threads to see if can gain useful information: Search results for ‘spi display nano’ - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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it do not have to be spi just a good resolution 2 inch display that can deal with this camera Arducam 12MP IMX477 Motorized Focus High Quality Camera for Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

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