Display is distorted after suspend/resume (495.46 on Fedora 34)

I’m seeing a weird display distortion problem on a Lenovo P52 laptop running Fedora 34 (a colleague is seeing a similar problem on a P52 running F35 as well).
As part of a periodic “dnf upgrade” performed on 1/6/22, the new 495.46 version of the nvidia driver was installed (via the rpmfusion repo) along with the “5.15.12-100.fc34” kernel.
Since that update, whenever I resume after putting the laptop into suspend state, certain characters on the display are completely distorted and unreadable, starting with the login screen. I’ll attach a couple of pics that demonstrate the distortion. Luckily, after logging in I can restart gnome via the “Alt-F2, r” sequence and this appears to fix the distortion issue.
Is this a known problem? Any work around?

Login screen with distorted characters:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (878.5 KB)

Here is another pic showing the system memu with distorted characters as well:

Looks like a common issue with the 495 driver series
Don’t know yet if the 510 beta fixes that.