Display is not detected by X

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this because it is driving me insane. I will try and describe it as detailed as possible.

I had one graphic card with 2 dvi connections before(pci express) which I connected 2 displays to before and X could identify both without any problems. I wanted to setup multiseats and therefore bought an extra graphic card(pci) since it is much easier with 2 graphic cards rather than using one.

After this my “main” graphic card(used by bios etc.) is the pci card.

The problem now is that no matter where I connect one of my displays X can’t identify it while when connecting the other screen it works perfectly…

I can supply any log files if that is needed but this doesn’t feel like a software problem?! Or is it…

Both cards are nvidia cards and I use the driver supplied by Nvidia.