Display not working but the Xavier NX terminal runs

I am having an issue with my Jetson Xavier NX. I updated the Ubuntu version to 20.04 and now I cant see a display but I am able to access the terminal from the USBC port.

I did a dump of the serial log and have attached.
Readout.txt (65.2 KB)

A bit more on the unit, it is a Xavier NX Dev kit from re-computer with an integrated 16GB memory. I do not have a linux PC to host a reflash using SDK manager. So I am unsure what to do. Hopefully the readout can provide some insight that I can fix through the terminal. On my display through HDMI, the screen says “System was unable to recover. Contact system administrator.”

This is vendor board, suggest to contact with re-computer to now how to do the reflash with SW.

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