Display Port not working due to connector not making contact

Dear NVidia Team

We had some systems with the Jetson AGX Xavier Module and a custom carrier board, where the display port was not working properly. After cleaning the 699-pin board-to-board connector on the module and on the carrier board, the problems were solved and all systems were working fine again. Is this a known problem?
Do you have any suggestions to get rid of contact problems?

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Hi, can you share more details? How did you clean the BTB connector? The problems are caused by dust or other things in the connector? This is first time I heard this kind of problem.

Hi sevm89,

Please provide more details that we can know how it’s happened. Thanks

Hi kayccc

Sorry for the late answer. We clean the connector with Vigon EFM, a precision cleaning medium for manual flux removal.
We don’t know what is causing the problem, dust or other things. Optically we could not see any pollutions.

Thank you.

No idea about this, we can only get clue if it is a re-pro issue.