Display Port Power delivery on Jetson Orin Nano?

So I’ve a small display which only has a USB-C that transfers both power and display.

Since the USB-C of the Orin Nano DevKit doesn’t provide display; will a USB-C to Display Port adapter from the Jetson Orin to my Display work? Will the Display Port adapter deliver power too?

What are my options here?

It depends on the adapter driver tuning. For Jetson side, it is just a USB-C port. The port can deliver power as you can see in the carrier P3768_A04 schematic.

Since the Display Port is the only way to get the display out to the monitor, seems like it doesn’t provide power? But only display?

Also, where can I find the schematics for the reference carrier board of Orin Nano/NX?

You can search docs including carrier schamtic in DLC.

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