Display Screen Recommendation

Hi, could anyone recommend me some 7/10 inches HDMI screens which does not require external power and working flawlessly with Jetson Xavier dev kit for the deployment the autonomous machines? I found many threads on the problems with the display screens in the forum already. I would like to order one which would immediately work after the connection with the HDMI port. Thanks.

Hi shuuny-matrix, I like using this 7" 1080p HDMI display from Lilliput:

It includes an integrated battery for mobile use. They make many different models if you would prefer to look for a 10" version.

thanks dusty_nv, I would definitely have a look on it.

We have very good experience with GeChic On-Lap 1303HX HDMI portable monitors. 13" USB-powered and very handy @ FullHD. GeChic has a newer model with better LCD matrix, but it cannot be powered via 500mA USB port anymore (bummer!) and has a nasty proprietary cable (don’t buy a new model).



Do you recommend or use a touch-screen version? Seems like it would be really handy, but the last thing I want to do is have to mess with drivers or compatibility issues.