Display steroscopic image with 2 RTXA5000 and 3 Optoma CinemaX D2


Hi, i hope i post here in the most fitting forum.


I have a workstation with two RTXA5000 connected via a NVIDIA Quadro Sync II. With the graphics cards I control 3 Optoma CinemaX D2 projectors (4K 60Hz). I connect each graphics card with a DPI (GPU) to HDMI(Projector) cable. The goal is to view 3D content on the DLP capable projectors with 3D glasses. But I have the problem that I do not perceive any 3D effect. I am testing with the program Bino a stereoscopic image (switches between left image and right image) but it seems as if the active shutter glasses are not synchronized with the change between left/right image on the beamer.

I suspect that the Hz of the Bemer does not match that of the 3D glasses. The glasses are 90Hz/100Hz 120Hz/144Hz. The 4K projectors are set to 1920x1080 and the check mark in W11 for 3D is set. The projectors then work with 23.59Hz. When setting the Nvidia Control Panel to 60Hz, the projectors immediately reset themselves. To make sure that this is not due to the DPI>HDMI cable, I am now getting a 4K DPI<HDMI cable.

What else could be the cause of my problem? And is there a good tutorial to connect multiple projectors via one/two graphics cards?

Thanks for the help!