Display text in viewer?

Hey Isaac Gym peops,

Do you know if there’s a way to display text in the viewer while running a simulation?
For example, in the joint_monkey.py example, it’d be nice to see the name and index of the joint that’s currently being actuated.
For the position of the text, I’m not picky, either in absolute world coordinates (pybullet style) or fixed position inside the viewer (e.g. in the top right corner).

And if this isn’t a feature yet, I think it’d be useful to a lot of folks.


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Hi @fgolemo

The only way to do this right now would be to use the lines API and do some kind of vector font. We’re not going to be adding anything more to the GUI side of standalone Gym though, since we are focused on the Omniverse Isaac Sim integration, which gives much more flexibility for things like this.

Take care,