Display through HDMI without desktop

 Currently we use ubuntu(unity) on our agx xavier, compile and show our application's graphic output through hdmi, it works fine, but we need to output our graphic result with full screen,and the format is 1080*480. so we need to disable the unity desktop, and maybe we need to set the pixel format through code, so anybody can help me with following questions.
  1. How to remove desktop?
  2. Without unity and other desktop, how to display graphic to HDMI with specific pixel format(1080*480)

If you are using gstreamer nvoverlaysink will display video on an HDMI monitor even without a graphical desktop.

hello D3_grow, do you have any idea, how I use gstreamer in my cplusplus code, I know nothing about gstreamer.

How are you currently using the graphics? Is it from a camera?

Yes, the graphic comes from uvc camera. Currently I use opencv to readframe, I will change it to use v4l.
and about the output, I am not really know how to implement

Please refer to tegra_multimedia_api sample:


Guidance of disabling Ubuntu desktop and running is in