Display turns on twice after being turned off for powersaving

When my display is turned off for powersaving, after ~5 minutes it turns back on backlight and says “No Signal” and then turns off again. The same happens once again ~5 minutes later.

This happens only when “HardDPMS” is not enabled in xorg.conf. (I cannot enable it as it presumably causes Nvidia kernel module crashes, as described in this topic: 440.48.02: Random X.org lock ups due to kernel module crash )

I suspect, the reason is that the driver sends different DPMS commands to the display, presumably to switch it into a deeper sleep state. If that’s the case, would it be possible to switch it to the deepest state from the start and avoid sending additional commands?

My display is NEC MultiSync EA275UHD, connected over DisplayPort.

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.2 MB)