DisplayGrid setOverlapCol does not work with positive overlap values

NVWMI version 2.29 has a Powershell sample “CloneDisplaysGrid.ps1”. It creates a display grid via DisplayManager.createDisplayGrids and then is supposed to clone the displays horizontally by overlapping at screen width using DisplayGrid.setOverlapCol -1 displayWidth where displayWidth is the resolution width of the display. setOverlapCol always fails and this the displays are not cloned. The only time setOverlapCol succeeds is if the overlap value is <= 0. Any ideas why it fails?

Also, one other question. When DisplayManager.createDisplayGrids executes, the displays flash off and then back on. Any way to prevent that? I’ve tried fixing the EDIDs by saving the EDIDs to file and then loading them but that didn’t help.

Using NVIDIA driver 391.33 with Quadro K2000.


Hi Steve,

Try configuremosaic tool to see if you can set the overlap between GRIDS.

Ryan Park

Thanks Ryan. Configuremosaic can set the overlap.

On a 4 display system (1600x1200 resolution) I can clone for example, displays #1 (leftmost) and #4 (rightmost):
configureMosaic-32bit-64bit.exe set rows=1 cols=2 out=0,0 out=0,3 overlapcol=0 overlapcol=1600 nextgrid rows=1 cols=1 out=0,1 nextgrid rows=1 cols=1 out=0,2

This will extend all the displays:
configureMosaic-32bit-64bit.exe set rows=1 cols=1 out=0,0 nextgrid rows=1 cols=1 out=0,1 nextgrid rows=1 cols=1 out=0,2 nextgrid rows=1 cols=1 out=0,3

Unfortunately, configureMosaic will move all open applications to the primary display after it finishes and will flash all the displays (some multiple times). Any way to prevent the moving of applications and the flashing?