Displaying issue on Jetson Orin Nano

Similar to this linked issue, I get the Nvidia logo on the screen, and at the same time ** WARNING: Test Key is used. ** is overlaid.
While the logo is up, I can press ESC to enter the boot manager, but when I exit the boot manager, or press ENTER to let it boot, I only get a black screen with no signal.
I have connected Jetson Orin Nano Dev kit to a monitor with a DP to DVI cable.

If it is the digital DVI-D, the adapter should work. However, if it is using the analog side, then monitor configuration will fail.

Incidentally, “Test Key is used” is not a problem. During flash non-rootfs content is signed. The default is to use a NULL key, which is what that warning is saying. Some models of Jetsons have security fuses which can be burned with a custom key, and unless you’ve done this (to force only custom signed content to work), you will always see a warning that the default key is used.

Also, you would always want to flash the Jetson with the most recent JetPack/SDK Manager (which flashes L4T, which in turn is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). Picking the most recent L4T or JetPack picks the same thing as they are tied together. See:

Thank you for your answer.
The monitor is a digital input, so I don’t think it’s a cable issue.
I’ll try flashing the jetpack.
Thank you

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