displaying video using a toolkit on the Jetson TX2.

I’m currently trying to play a video using the gstreamer and the gtk toolkit. Sadly this does not work. In fact, Two functions are missing in the library libgstreamer-1.0.so.0.803.0 :


So, for instance I cannot use right now the nveglglessink to display accelerated hevc videos.

Do you know how I could go forward : I just want to display some button upon a video on the jetson tx2 board.

So, I wonder, if there is a toolkit I could use to overlay buttons (videos controls) upon a video ? For me, right now, it looks like neigher qt nor gtk would work.

Hi nicobi,
You can do buffer processing via nvivafilter:

For running qt/gtk, wish other users can share experience.

thank you, but is this real accelerated video decoding, or does it only rely on cuda ?

It is HW accelerated video decoding(via omxh264dec).