DisplayPort hotplug fail on single monitor configuration...

GPU: GTX750ti
Driver version : 346.35
Monitor : AOC 29" 21:9 aspect ratio IPS Monitor.

I went and set up so I could get 21:9 goodness at home for development work and personal purposes since I got hooked on it against the company laptop with a Quadro in it. Got the basic GPU that did DisplayPort correctly and well. So far so good.

I ended up needing to have the ability to switch back and forth between the desktop and the work laptop- due to this weather we’re having down in Texas. Got a Kanex mini-DP switch to allow that to be done…

Works nicely with the work laptop.

As soon as the hotplug out is detected on the desktop, unfortunately, the machine needs to be rebooted to get the GPU’s marbles back on the hotplug out- screen stays blank and there’s nothing you can realistically do to get the DP session back on the GPU at that point. However…add another monitor NOT being hotplugged…and it just simply works. Right now I’ve got a SainSmart 9" display I’d bought for a RaspberryPI 2 and my TK1 putzing hooked up to the DVI-I connector and it’s happy and does MOSTLY the right things and then comes back when you hotplug back in. Seems there’s nothing that’s keeping X11’s state, etc. held up and the whole server loses it’s marbles. Maybe needs a virtual monitor if there’s nothing in place?

Anyhow, I’ve a workaround, but it’s clumsy, and it’s annoying to say the least that this didn’t work as one would’ve expected it.