DisplayPort issues with Samsung C32HG7x

  1. Firmware issue: When a Samsung C32HG7x is connected via DisplayPort, BIOS/UEFI video does not light up (on cold boot; warm boot might work) even if another monitor is connected (so I can’t get into the BIOS setup menu or use the F8 boot menu to get into Linux or even display the GRUB menu.) This same issue has been present on GeForce 1070, 3060 ti, and 4070. Once an OS boots, either Windows or Linux, the drivers are able to initialize the port, but this does not help me boot Linux. I have worked around this issue by connecting the monitor via HDMI or a passive DP+ to HDMI adapter. I use the StarTech that supports up to 4K/60 YUV4:2:0 8 bit. HDMI is slightly less full-featured on this monitor, particularly when using the passive adapter.
  2. I generally game on a TV that is HDMI-only, and my board only has one native HDMI port, so the Samsung is usually connected via the adapter. When it is, the Linux drivers fail to renegotiate higher resolutions on resuming from S3 sleep. On resume, it is limited to 1080p60. Windows drivers work fine with this scenario, so there must be something different in code. This issue was also present on the GeForce 1070 and 3060 ti, but was less reproducible. On the 4070, it seems to be 100% reproducible.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (720.9 KB)

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Update- the DispalyPort issues on boot seem to be resolved by updating the monitor to the latest firmware, and when the monitor is connected via DP there are no more issues with suspend/resume.

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