DisplayPort on 2GB Nano

Dear nVidia,

The Jetson DevKit I got is Nano 2GB version. My custom carrier board design have a DisplayPort(DP) output(dp0). It is until recent when I would like to test DP output then I found out the 2GB version DevKit has no DP receptacle on board.

The test result of DP on my custom board is negative. Before I dive into the debug of DP HW/SW I just would like to confirm that if Nano 2GB module (B01) support DP or not at all?

I have doubt on this because the kernel seems to have no response to the level change of DP HPD pin, or there is still other conditions has to be meet?

thank you for any help.


  1. Jetson nano 2gb does not support custom board .

  2. Jetson nano 2gb devit supports DP

thanks for the quick reply @WayneWWW

What do you mean of 2GB version not support custom board? I think the module can work with any carrier board as long as the interface spec is conformed?
Can you please explain bit more so I can get the point?

First, jetson nano 4gb devkit and 2gb devkit are using different kind of carrier board.

Second, we only provide design guide document for those platforms we support customizatioin.

Third, Only nano 4gb devkit has design guide document. 2GB does not.

We don’t sell “jetson nano 2gb module” alone. It must be sold along with devkit. It means this kind of device is not supported on custom board but only devkit.
If you put it to some board made by yourself and has functional problem, then we will not be able to check it.

oh OK, thanks for the explanation, I got your point.

In that case I will switch to a supported version.

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