DisplayPort output issues

I am trying to connect a displayport output using the USB-C Alt mode. I have a USB-C to Displayport adapter and then a DP to mDP cable going to a 2 panel display but only one is displaying an image. 2880x1600 90Hz

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The output of xrandr shows the display is connected and lists the expected resolution as selected.

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I’ve also tried a USB-C to mDP cable and both displays will flicker but have an image displayed. Both cables are 2 m, so I am looking to find a 1m version to try as well.

Has anyone driven high refresh high resolution displays successfully?

Are you using single port on Xavier or dual ports? Actually, this mode seems not support.

I updated to the new release on JetPack 4.2 and the displays seem to be working fine with either the USB-C to mDP cable or the USB-C to Displayport dongle and a Displayport to mDP cable.