Dissecting L4T init/systemd/busybox/zeroconf for Networking

I’m working on a stock L4T filesystem with tegra 3. I have the embedded gigabit NIC, plus a mini-PCIe gigabit, and will soon add a USB NIC. All need static IP addresses, with two of them eventually going into bridging mode (possibly one end of the bridge being multi-homed).

With no additional NICs, the embedded NIC has no issue using connman to set it up for a static IP. With the mini-PCIe NIC connected, connman no longer works with the embedded NIC, and insists on only setting up the new mini-PCIe. connman is not designed to set up any NIC past the first NIC.

So I was looking for places to configure multiple NICs without any kind of extreme setup (e.g., I don’t want to gut connman), and discovered busybox is not used for init, and thus /etc/init.d/rcS is ignored (along with every kind of init.d script location I could find).

systemd is used for init, and there is /etc/systemd/system/networking.service, but this is just a sym link to /dev/null. There are no “standard” systemd directories or files for network setup, probably because connman was intended to handle the one integrated NIC.

Is there any standard location in L4T in which I could add a simple script for ifconfig? Or does anyone have a suggestion on a way to configure 3 NICs without an extreme overhaul?

What “stock L4T filesystem” are you referring to?

The R16.2. Have not upgraded to 16.3. U-boot and kernel are modified, file structure remains.

Forgot to mention, this is cardhu, using a quad core tegra 3.

Ok, my mistake, I found out that someone has updated the system I’m working on with open-embedded.