Distribute Optix updates without driver update


Is it possible to supply support for new Optix releases in any other way apart from updating the Nvidia driver?

We distribute our Optix 7 app to multiple users within our company and like to be on the forefront of your new releases, but our IT policy makes the driver update tedious.


Hey @oborgstrom,

That is a very reasonable idea, but currently even when we do send private pre-release versions of OptiX, we are sending it in the form of a pre-release driver. OptiX being in the driver now means it depends on other parts of the driver too, so it’s no longer self-contained in Optix-only shared libraries like it used to be. This means even a distribution of OptiX outside of a driver release wouldn’t get you out of having to install a new driver, unfortunately.

We do understand and sympathize with the IT policy difficulties with driver updates, and you’re not alone. As you discuss this with your IT department, we could potentially have a conversation about what things Nvidia can do to make driver updates easier on them and on you, such that the policies can perhaps accommodate custom or more frequent driver installation without compromising security or control from their perspective.


Hi David,

Thanks for your answer, suspected this.


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