Distributing older libraries of cudnn - Terms and conditions


I’m working on bringing out and open source product for the AGX, NX and Nano that uses yolov3 darknet. The original one. The patch that should make the code work on the NX doesn’t seem to work.

Is there anything in the terms and conditions that prevents me for distributing the older cudnn libraries with the installation?

I realise this is discouraged, but at the moment that approach works well and the alternative is to compile it without cudnn at this stage. Nothing else that is needed for the solution breaks with doing this right now.



cuDNN v7.x on JetPack4.4 or JetPack4.5 is not recommended.
It may lead to some driver issue, and it is not in our testing scope.
If JetPack4.3 is acceptable, you can use it for a stable environment.