DIY s870, s1070, or similar GPU server, any help


This is my first post with Nvidia developers, and I have not programmed in a while, but would really like to complete a project that would help me and likely several others.

We recently started a new company to recondition servers headed for the trash and sell them at a reasonable price to students, makers, and small business. We have noticed that several, including say the dell R710 will not support an Nvidia card for VDI or other applications. For the sake of the thread, I am not trying to make a GPU work in one of these servers, I would like to make a 1 or 2U approximation of the s870 and similar servers that support a molex or similar adapters, that give servers like the R710 the opportunity to have accelerated graphics. I know the direct-x on the s870 is too low for some VDI solutions, but may not be for others.

I have purchased two Tesla 2090s, two pcie molex adapters, and the cables. We have all kinds of servers, workstations and parts around, but I do not know about the programming or the “nvidia switch” they show in the diagrams of the s870 or s1070.

I see that many companies sell similar products and I have sent out emails and made the calls to get some help, but, as I have see the tech industry change over the past 25 years, most companies just want to sell me something after gathering my life history, and will or do not help.

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks for reading… eric