DL Demo and Dev Laptop - SB3 GPU Choice

I am looking at buying the top end Surface Book 3 laptop through work and price is not a concern. I will definitely use this for running inference for multiple models concurrently for demos. I don’t know if there will be a use case for training on the laptop. I mostly use tensorflow and I am interested in mixed precision. I don’t know if inference requires mix precision support.
My question is should I be getting the 1660 TI Max q or the quadro RTX 3000 Max q for these purposes? I see the quadro has tensor cores and some other benefits but a lower base core frequency.
Which is better for other things like graphics etc? Gaming just out of curiosity?
Any info is helpful thank you!

I’m seeing that 1660Ti has some support for half precision operations (more than prev GPUs like 1060) like the RTX even though it is not RTX. I hope someone can provide some comparison and what to expect from mixed precision and tensor cores when I get to using them. Thanks