DL in Crypto mining

Hi, i have a few questions that i didnt get answers on tech sup. I was redirected here. So please, take this with reserve, im no scientist or something like that. Im just guy with interest and few questions that i didnt foud answers. And sorry for my Engl. :D

Ok, letz do this.
Lately i have been thinking about usage of DL in Crypto mining. In basis DL shloud work like this if im right: Cards are connected to cloud where they send gathered data and all other users are able to get these data almost instantly.
So if this these are basic put realy simple, then u can actualy use this for crypto mining.
U can create DL mining pool where all miners will mine same block and u can shorten transaction confrimation a lot because nobody will ever compute the same part of conf. code anymore.
Just tell me if im right.

Ty so much :)

Please check the below links, as they might answer your concerns.


Hi @sfritacek,

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Thank you.