DLA and GPU cores at the same time

Thanks for the answer. I removed one of the DLAs - still the GPU and DLA0 seems to be running serially.
Any other suggestions?

CPU Total time : [470.815 ms]
CPU timer average : [4.70815 ms]
[DLA 1]: Total time for 0 layers: 0ms
[DLA 1]: Shortest layer: [] ran for [3.40282e+38ms]
[DLA 1]: Longest layer: [] ran for [0ms]
[DLA 1]: Average time : [0ms]
[DLA 0]: Total time for 500 layers: 182.218ms
[DLA 0]: Shortest layer: [output copy finish] ran for [0.00352ms]
[DLA 0]: Longest layer: [output from nvm] ran for [1.99443ms]
[DLA 0]: Average time : [0.363708ms]
[GPU]: Total time for 100 layers: 264.819ms
[GPU]: Shortest layer: [(Unnamed Layer* 0) [Convolution]] ran for [2.5999ms]
[GPU]: Longest layer: [(Unnamed Layer* 0) [Convolution]] ran for [4.1215ms]
[GPU]: Average time : [2.62197ms]